Day 0

Wednesday, May 25, 2005Concord, NH
Miles: 0Fare thee well Concord!
Our last day in the house. We had sold our bed on Tuesday, so all that was left to sleep on was the floor or the comfy bed in the van. We chose the van, therefore we didn’t spend our last night as homeowners sleeping in the home. The house was beautifully empty. All that was left now was a few bags; some bound for Goodwill, some bound for a dumpster and some bound for the mobile storage unit, also known as the Mystique. After loading that stuff into the appropriate vehicles, we were ready to go have some breakfast before out 10 am closing. Except I had somehow locked the keys in the van.

AAA is an amazing thing and in ten minutes we were loaded up and ready to go. Breakfast crisis averted, we made it to the diner, downed some eggs and even had time to go back to the house and take some photos. One looks like this:

The closing was what we expected: a bunch of paper, a lot of signing and eight relative strangers crammed into a smallish room around a biggish table. We loved the buyer and wished we had met her earlier so we could have hung out. Her agent was insane and kept making random comments while the rest of us tried to ignore her. After an hour and a half of paper signing we went on our separate ways to dispose of the previously mentioned bags and deposit a pleasantly large check. I met with my writing friend Joyce one last time, during which no writing was done, and Keath handled the big check drop off.

Our afternoon was spent in front of the fire at Panera taking advantage of their free Wi-Fi. Keath worked, I read a book about becoming a travel writer and quickly decided it’s not the career for me. I like having a relationship with my husband and I’m a little too disorganized. The thought of having to keep track of multiple trips, storylines, deadlines, writing styles, editors, queries, bills and invoices gave me heart palpitations. I guess I’m more of a ‘mosey about at my leisure and write novels, kind of girl, or perhaps long and wandering non-fiction essays about travels. Keath agreed that he likes spending more than a few weeks a year with me, so that worked out.

After Panera, we had dinner with Mandie and Tony in their fabulous new kitchen. We had a good time talking on the porch and laughing and generally being rude and obnoxious together. After dinner we drove to my parents in the rain, thinking that we would miss our buddies and would definitely have to keep a space clear in our new home for guests. We did not fare well on this particular endeavor in our last house, as our guest room became known as the Cavernous Void, filled with an assortment of crap.

We spent the night on my parents’ couch after eating a midnight snack of No Pudge Brownies and Cool Whip that mommy left out for us. Yummy.