Day 1

Thursday, May 26, 2005Whitehall, NY
Miles: 138Health: Waning . . .
Buddy (the Lewis family doggie) woke Keath gently with his inquisitive nose, but Keath being Keath, he was able to get back to sleep. I slept really late, Keath hooked up my parents’ new computer, and then we were headed for Whitehall and the real start of our journey at the bright and early hour of 1 pm.

After brief stops in New London and Newport, we had a rather uneventful trip to Whitehall. Signs on Route 4 claimed that Hubbardton Battlefield was off the next exit. During the planning phase we had decided to take advantage of such signs and take the time to smell the roadside attractions, so we took the exit and drove along a stream, found a farm, but no battlefield. We headed back to the highway, stopped for some food and made it to the ‘summer cottage’ in Whitehall in time for dinner. We ate dinner, went for a walk and then tried to get this very website worked out.