Day 4

Sunday, May 29, 2005Whitehall, NY
Miles: 138Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
Dad and I went for a walk down by the canal. I still can’t talk. This has made the weekend interesting, as I’ve been whispering everything, which leads to everybody else whispering back to me. We all feel like we’re sharing secrets. I’m frustrated because I can’t be heard if everyone is talking at once, and if someone calls out to me, I can’t answer back. My throat just hurts too much to talk.

After our walk, we had pancakes. Krusteaz pancakes. Odd name, yummy pancake mix. We hung out a while, then Bruce (Ceridwen’s uncle) arrived and we went to the Skenesborough Museum, the museum for the history of Whitehall, which used to be Skenesborough. It was interesting, except for the creepy doll room, filled with wide eyed dolls that stared at you. The children’s play area had quite a safety hazard. Iron dumbbells were perched precariously on the side of the wall of the play area. Easily pulled down to smack kids in the head. Lovely.