Day 5

Monday, May 30, 2005Lake Placid, NY
Miles: 231Health: Improving
After a tearful, but laughing goodbye with Ceridwen’s parents in Whitehall, we took off for the ‘virgin’ part of our trip. We slapped in Tomorrow May Never Come by Social D, which has become the anthem for the trip, and drove through the Adirondacks. We stopped in Ticonderoga Village and took a walk in a park there, getting the blood flowing and such like.

We stopped in Lake Placid, sad to see that the bobsled area was closed. We went to the ski jump site instead and watched some ski team aerialists jump around on a trampoline. We went up the chair lift, then the elevator to the top of the ski jump. I like heights and there’s no way I would strap skis on and slide down that. You can’t see where you’re going to land. Scary.

When we returned to the ground we discovered that the aerialists had moved on to the real practice; strapping on their skis, climbing up the ramps and jumping into the air and landing in a pool. In their skis. I can’t imagine that feels good on your knees and feet, but it was cool to see. We wished we knew their names so we could watch for them during competitions. It was cool to see athletes train. I was tired just watching them trudge up the staircase to the top of the jump, but they trudged on, jumping again and again.

Miles: 576Niagara Falls, ON
After Lake Placid we drove. We drove, we drove. A lot. The Adirondacks, at least the northern section, are not that exciting. We drove some more. We got to what we thought would be the scenic Seaway Byway, which runs along Lake Ontario. Sadly, it actually runs about two miles away from Lake Ontario. Along the Seaway we caught one glimpse of the Lake. It is a big lake, but sadly, we saw little of it. We drove more, through farms, huge plots of land with trailers on them, through very tiny towns. I was getting very grouchy.

THIRTEEN hours after we left, we arrived in Niagara Falls. We had intended to only drive for seven hours or so a day, so first on our mental task list was to revise our driving mileages for the future.

After we checked in we went out in search of pizza. We had originally thought we would just get pizza and pay our bills, but on the way in I caught sight of the falls and was amazed, so we had to go back and check them out. They were lit up and gorgeous, but we were starving. The entire Canadian side of the falls (where we were staying) has a sort of boardwalk walkway with great views of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls (also on the American side), and the Horseshoe Falls (Canadian). We thought there would be food around on the boardwalk type thing, but alas, there was nothing. We would find out the next day that the late night food was up on the midway, but that didn’t help us. We stayed for the Victoria Day fireworks, then ran for food, which came from Denny’s in the form of Boca burgers.

We got back to the room around 11:30, and endeavored to attempt that whole paying bills thing again, but the gods are clearly not in favor of this. Either we are in a huge void in Sprint’s wireless coverage, or the wireless internet plan Keath has through work has a “no Canadian access, punk” policy somewhere in the fine print.