Day 13

Tuesday, June 7, 2005Norcross, GA
Miles: 1794More than 6 feet apart? Eeek!
We got up wicked early so Keath could catch the MARTA in time to catch his flight to Philly. Ceridwen spent the morning talking to the guys at the local Midas shop about our road trip while their colleagues aligned the van (well, it's tires, not it's chakras), changed it's oil, and so on and so forth.

Ceridwen and Trisha took Abby to the playground and generally spent the day hanging out and playing with the baby. Great fun was had by all. Well, Keath and Iestyn were working, but there was some form of fun had there as well.

In the evening Ceridwen went to open mic night at the local coffee shop, where Iestyn, accompanied by his pregnant roadie, brings his music to the people. He sang four great songs, and even dedicated one of them to us (Social Distortion's Reach for the Sky, the theme song for this trip).

Meanwhile, up the eastern seaboard, Keath's mom met him in Philly for dinner. (Dad couldn't make it since he was working in NYC that day. :-( Proxy hugs were sent both ways, though!) We headed out to a restaraunt in Manayunk called Sonoma. It was super-delicious and we of course want to go back often so we can try other dishes. It was Infusion night, so candy flavored drinks were enjoyed as well! Yum!

Ceridwen stayed at the coffee shop to see the rest of the show, even though Iestyn and Trisha had to bring Abby home for bed. She ordered a glass of wine, which took the whole village to serve, since the girls working the counter were underage. She was about to give up when an off-duty employee came in to order some coffee and said she would open it. Unfortunately, they were all too weak to get the cork out, but the coordinator of open mic night saved the day. And what a day!