Day 14

Wednesday, June 8, 2005Norcross, GA
Miles: 1794I (heart) PHL
Not much really happened. Ceridwen played with the baby some more. Keath was in an all day meeting in Philly. Iestyn worked. Trisha tended to her child as appropriate and plotted for The Great Second Birthday Party.

Ceridwen played dress-up with Abby for a bit. Well, she watched Abby play dress up and documented it like a good Aunt should.

Keath got caught in Philly traffic and tried his hands at "the back roads" to get from Bala Cynwyd to the airport. It wasn't exactly speedy, but it seemed to get him their faster than the highway/parking lot. He arrived at the terminal at 6:30 for his 6:35 flight. Although, this was Philly, so on his way to his gate he stopped for dinner, looked for a decent magazine (and found none), and then boarded his flight with time to spare before 7:55 takeoff. Ahhh, yes, how I do (heart) PHL.