Day 15

Thursday, June 9, 2005Norcross, GA
Miles: 1794Who are these people?
As you may have guessed, we played with the baby some more. We really have no interest in the metropolitan Atlantian region's "tourist attractions" (that we haven't already seen) -- we just stopped here for the company. We did have big plans to go to Stone Mountain and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, but we never did. Chalk it up to Abby's smile or her parents' need to get things ready for a certain someone's birthday party. We stayed in Norcross.

Ceridwen's parents arrived in the afternoon to do some manual labor. The guest room, formerly of the basement, was moved to the main floor, evicting the artist formerly known as the music room. A lot of noise was made and a lot of silliness ensued.

Ceridwen and her parents went with Iestyn and Abby to their first day of Wiggly Worms gymnastics class. There, Abby was garbed in a cute little blue leotard. She ran around an enormous gym, jumped on a trampoline, and hung on to a bar which she couldn't even get her fingers around. She did very well and was very sleepy afterwards. She'd worn herself out. Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, and Daddy were strictly forbidden to document these activities on film or digital media, but we did catch some warm up shots before they set off.

Keath and Trisha went to Party City (where every day is a party!) and picked up many Sesame Supplies for the Great Second Birthday Extravaganza! There was much deliberating over the proper materials to purchase so as not to over-Cookie-Monster the joint.