Day 16

Friday, June 10, 2005Norcross, GA
Miles: 1794Happy Birthday Abigail!
We hung out. It was Abby's birthday, so she woke up to presents from her parents, which she had much fun opening and playing with -- especially her Sweet Kitchen!

It was another work day for Keath, so he had to hide in assorted and sundry corners in order to make conference calls sound somewhat professional. Nowhere is really safe when Grandma and Grandpa have a child to play with; they can not be silenced!

There was a valient attempt to take Abby out at lunchtime for her birthday photos, but she was having none of it. Not with mommy and daddy. Not all alone with just mommy. Not with everyone around her. No photos for her today!

In the afternoon, the ladies went to Vintage Tea to have High Tea. They wore hats, stoles, and boas. They are finger sandwiches, scones, and teeny tiny desserts and drank unlimited pots of tea. They also tried their best to act civilized.

We did get some good birthday shopping done later on after she went to bed. We hung out and wrapped gifts up for tomorrow morning, but there was a Dance Dance Revolution to have. And ye cannot stop New Englanders from participating in a Revolution!

Trisha, on the other hand, knuckled down and got to work on the key ingredient in any birthday: the cake! This year, she was crafting the likeness of Cookie Monster in yellow cake and much icing.