Day 17

Saturday, June 11, 2005Trenton, GA
Miles: 1968Arlene, Shmarlene!
As tropical storm Arelene threatened the Georgian countryside, we prepared for Abby's big birthday party in the park and our return to the nomadic lifestyle. The more time we spent in Norcross, the more we realized that we were stir-crazy. Once you get used to waking up in a new place every day it is hard to settle down in one place for too long. (And we've only been doing this for two weeks! Imagine what we'll be like in October!)

The morning started with an early rising Abigail invading our guest bedroom a.k.a. the living room a.k.a. Abby's playroom. We promptly got up and out of the way of her "My Sweet Kitchen" playset. Lo! There were more presents! Once everyone was more or less awake, Abby opened her gifts from us and her grandparents. There were many Little People and My Sweet Kitchen add-ons as well as some books and silly un-fun practical things like a T-shirt and some batteries. Oh dear. Fun fun fun fun fun.

Once presents were opened and people were cleansed, we pretty much did a load of laundry and loaded up the van while everyone else packed up for the party. And then off to the park we went! Thunderstorms were a-threatening, but we had a pavilion! Trisha's mom and step-mom were there to help decorate and then Aunts and Uncles and cousins from miles around came to wish Abby the best on her second birthday ever! Needless to say, there were more pressies! Everyone was quite impressed with Trisha's Cookie Monster cake and her willingness to risk permanent staining of the body for proper fur coloring.

After the party we finished packing up the van, said our goodbyes (and thank yous), and headed back out on the highway to hightail it to Chatanooga before Arlene really got us. We actually got all settled in to our campground before she even got close. Ha!