Day 21

Wednesday, June 15, 2005Memphis, TN
Miles: 2352We're Goin' to Graceland!
After 3 days of drinking Memphis water, we were compelled to go to Graceland, like moths to a flame, zombies to brains. We hadn’t planned on it, neither of us being Elvis fans, but we went anyway. It was interesting to see, but sad to note his decline from attractive, charismatic singer to a jowly man in a jumpsuit. We didn’t come away huge Elvis fans, but at least we got the whole Elvis phenomenon. And looking at 70’s decorations is always cool.

Besides just going to the mansion, we also saw the cars and the airplanes. Mmm, 70’s cars. Big old gas guzzlers. And of course we saw the pink Caddy. The plane was awesome. A gutted passenger jet that he bought from Delta and outfitted in leather, suede and velvet. Sweet.

After Graceland, we had planned to go to the Ornamental Metal Museum, but it was too late, so we went back to the hotel to have dinner. Keath made dinner while Ceridwen lay on the bed feeling sick. Sun stroke, Elvis overdose, who can tell?

We should tell you at this point that we retract our earlier statement about the attractiveness of the population of Tennessee. Apparently, the homeliness is an Appalachia thing. People in Memphis and Chattanooga were average looking, some even attractive. What a relief.

After dinner, we went back to downtown to see a movie, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. It was, uh, ok. It was hard not to laugh at the bad dialogue, and there were some really random annoyances, but the screen was big and the speakers loud, so the large amount of explosions wasn’t wasted on us.

After the movie, we went and hung out on Beale Street again. There was a bike rally this time, so the street was filled with motorcycles. We felt right at home. It’s the right week for bikes to be everywhere, since it’s currently Bike Week in Laconia. A little bit of home by the Mississippi. Ceridwen was still feeling pretty awful, so we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Correction The aforementioned Big Cement W.C. Handy is actually made of brass. So there. We're not going to rebuild the photo page just to correct this, but now you know. No cement fathers of the blues down here. No siree.