Day 24

Saturday, June 18, 2005St. Louis, MO
Miles: 2962Lazy, lazy day.

And on the 24th day, Keath and Ceridwen rested. We rested in a KOA outside St. Louis. There were very few pictures, since we thought that taking pictures of us doing the laundry, playing Scrabble and going swimming would be kind of boring. We also ate brunch, rather than a really early breakfast, but that was not documented either.

When we weren't lying about, we went to the Chain of Rocks bridge, a pedestrian and bike bridge that crosses the Mississippi. It used to be a toll road for cars and was part of Route 66, but then it was converted. It made a nice walk. That was pretty much our day. We're planning more of the same for tomorrow. We've tried to make ourselves want to go do more adventuring tomorrow at some state parks a few hours away, but we just haven't worked up to it. We're just into lounging. And it's our trip, so we can do what we want. Yay!