Day 28

Wednesday, June 22, 2005Pella, IA
Miles: 3476Yup, Iowa

We lounged around the campsite until noon, which was the time the beach was supposed to open. When we got there, however, we found that it didn’t open until one. A closer look showed us that the lake wasn’t really worth swimming in anyway, since it had a suspiciously green tinge to it and a murkiness that didn’t bear thinking about. Instead, we went back to the campground so Ceridwen could take a shower, then Ceridwen looked at the area petroglyphs while Keath had a conference call. The petroglyphs proved uninteresting, since they had outlined them in white paint. They would have been cooler if they had outlined a couple, then left the rest alone. Instead of petroglyphs, they looked like someone’s attempts at sidewalk art.

After Keath’s conference call, we headed for Pella, IA, a town that revels in its Dutch heritage. We checked into our B&B (we’re splurging a little) and hid in the air conditioning for a bit. Then we took our first stroll around Pella and checked out the downtown. Most things were closed and it was still in the 90’s, so we headed back to the B&B and had dinner.

Around 8:30 we went back to town to check out the Klokkenspiel. The figures represented the history of Pella and also the annual Tulip Time festival. The figures were pretty, except for the one of the town’s founder. He was missing, the curtain going up and the lights going on on an empty stage. After the Klokkenspiel, we came back and went to bed. The heat of the day had worn us out, and we needed the rest.