Day 41

Tuesday, July 5, 2005Angostura State Park
Miles: 4792Bison and prairie dogs
Ugh. Ceridwen woke up sick today. We thought this would severely limit our fun, but we just had some more laid back fun than our normal day. Ceridwen took a whole bunch of herbal supplements, pills and potions and tried to feel better. After discussing the possibility of driving up to Deadwood for a hootin’ and hollerin’ good time, we decided that being sick isn’t a good time for Deadwood. Instead we decided to take the wildlife loop drive in Custer State Park. We saw some prairie dogs and some bison and many deer. It was nice to see free roaming wildlife. We also learned that every October the bison are corralled and auctioned. Ceridwen wanted to volunteer to corral the bison, but it turns out some experience is necessary. Got to brush up on our cowboy skills.

After our loop, we continued on our way to Hot Springs, near where we were staying for the night. We actually saw our only herd of wild bison after we left the park, while we were in National Forest Land. Pretty bison.

In Hot Springs we stopped and filled some water bottles with the mineral water and decided to take a dip in it. The town offers two options for this, one a water park and the other a spa with a mineral pool. We chose the spa for its lack of children and submerged ourselves in hot mineral water for awhile. This seemed to make Ceridwen feel better and we lolled until a thunder storm came along.

Too tired to cook and fearing the worst from the weather, we had a very early dinner at a Mexican restaurant. While we ate, huge hail balls feel from the sky and two rivers started running down the sides of the road. Good decision!

After dinner and the storm we headed to our campsite. Ceridwen thought she would be sleeping at 6, but she couldn’t quite go to sleep that early, so we stayed up and played Canasta in the van while rain pounded on our roof. Oh, my, but the van was a good purchase!