Day 45

Saturday, July 9, 2005Denver, CO
Miles: 5258Health: Too high, can't breathe!
Keath had intended to work a half day today, in order to get some overtime accumulated, but he didn’t set his alarm right and we ended up sleeping in. Oh well. Once we got our butts out of bed, we headed up to Boulder to check it out and go to the Celestial Seasonings factory.

Boulder is a short drive from Denver, but it’s a very pretty drive. Today was moderately less cloudy than the previous two days, and we were able to enjoy some mountain scenery, though not from bizarre scenic overlook that had no place to park and a very treacherous entry and exit system. We enjoyed looking into the bowl that is Boulder and up at the foothills of the Rockies and made it to the factory without incident.

The factory tour was fun, though unfortunately, it was a quiet day, so none of the machinery was running. But the peppermint room still cleared out our sinuses and we were able to drink as much of the tea as we wanted. Yummy. Ceridwen still didn’t feel very well, so we went into downtown Boulder and had some yummy Indian.

Sadly, the Indian didn’t help, nor did the little tour of the Pearl Street Mall, a shopping area similar to the 16th Street Mall in Denver, only with more artsy stores and very large price tags. It was close to 100 degrees, which did little to help the overall feeling of ickiness, so we went back to the comfort of our hotel and took a long nap.

After our lovely nap, we got up and had some dinner, basically a salad for Ceridwen and some cereal for Keath. The nice thing about Indian buffet is that you really don’t need much else later on. We hung out for awhile and pondered our evening entertainment options and finally settled on On the Spot, another improv comedy troupe. This one was about twice the price and also twice as good. The moderator was not intrusive and the cast had all been to improv classes. They still weren’t as riotously funny as the Theater Sports Seattle people, but it was still quite good.