Day 47

Monday, July 12, 2005Denver
Miles: 5258Health: Ucky.
Altitude sickness makes Ceridwen grumpy. So do the drivers in Denver. Dear god, everyone drives like they’re on fire. Not that there is a fire, but that they themselves are en fuego. Ceridwen has been swearing even more frequently and imaginatively than usual and is wondering if she’s even fit for going out in public.

After Keath worked for the day, we went to Castle Rock, CO to meet up with our Primafriend, Ameet. Ameet was in town looking for an apartment. We hung out for awhile in his friends’ house, though we never got to meet said friends. Then we went out for dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant and discovered just how quickly a drink affects you when you’re a mile high. After a fun night with Ameet we headed back to the hotel and an early night.