Day 48

Tuesday, July 13 2005Denver
Miles: 5258Health: I'm acclimating!
Today we decided to go out to Red Rocks Amphitheater to check out the cool rock formations. It’s a short drive there, and when we arrived we were amazed by the coolness of the rocks. They are made by the sediments that ran off of the ancestral Rockies that were buried and then pushed upwards by the current Rockies and tilted. This is why the rocks are diagonal, which makes for some great acoustics. After wandering for a bit, we checked out the Red Rocks Underground exhibit, which showed the history of the Amphitheater and listed all the artists who had ever played there.

Ceridwen felt a little better than she had been, so we were able to do some hiking around, but it was still really hot, about 100, so we didn’t get to strenuous in our activities. After Red Rocks, we went to Dino Ridge, a series of roadside pulloffs with some dinosaur tracks and some other geologic information about the area.

When we were done, we realized that we were very close to Golden, so we headed up that way in hopes of getting a brewery tour at Coors. Unfortunately, they were not offering tours, so we went instead to Buffalo Bill’s grave, which was on top of a mountain. A big mountain with a very steep, windy road going up the side. If this wasn’t treacherous enough, there were crazy people biking up the road, taking up room. When we got to Buffalo Bill’s, the museum was closed, but the grave was still there, so we checked that out.

After our adventures in the outlying areas, we headed back to the hotel for dinner.