Day 49

Wednesday, July 13, 2005Denver
Miles: 5258Health: Acclimation complete
Today we got some damn culture. We had been waiting until today to go to the Denver Museum of Art because they stay open late on Wednesdays. We got there around three, and of course, thinking we would actually stay for six hours shows that were were greatly overestimating our cultural coolness. We lasted until about 5.

It is a very nice museum thought, with a huge collection of pre-Columbian work from South and Central America. There's also the requisite religious paintings and the portraits of rich people through the ages. There was one family portrait of about 9 family members, and it appeared that the artist either had little creativity or had very early access to photo shop. Every member of the family had the same face. Not a strong resemblence, but the same exact face and the same exact expression. Daddy and baby even had the same size head. It was kind of freaky. There was another painting that first appeared to be a classical Greek painting of a god, but on closer inspection turned out to be a modern satire. We thought that the family portrait fell under that genre, but we were wrong.

Once we were museumed out, we wandered around the Civic Center area for a bit. We forgot to take a photo of the mile high marker on the government building because we're dorks. We looked at some cool architecture and drove by Union Station, another exhibit of cool architecture. Keath was feeling crappy due to his ability to stay up late even when he shouldn't, so we went back to the hotel for a nap and dinner.

After food and sleep, Keath was up for more food. Ceridwen had disliked the dinner she had made, so we went into town to have ourselves some fondue for dessert. While there we saw an alarming family. The teenage daughter was dressed like a prostitute. Not skimpily attired, or scantily, but really, she looked like she was turning tricks in her four inch acrylic heels. And her father was there. It was kind of creepy. Fondue was yummy and fun though.