Day 50

Thursday, July 14, 2005Denver
Miles: 5258Health: Not good the for Blackberry
Denver is the only city to boast an amusement and water park in the downtown area, so we had to go. Elitch Gardens is a very cool park that we had passed several times while going about the city and is also part of the Six Flags conglomerate.

We decided to hit the water park first, since it closed at the ridiculous hour of 6pm. They had some cool rides, including a four person tube ride that had Ceridwen almsot getting really friendly with some teenage boys when it rocketed up on the wall of the slide. The newest ride was the Edge, basically a half pipe that you go down on a tube. The guy at the top told us to shout things when we got to the top of the other side, and apparently, Ceridwen is incapable of shouting without throwing up the horns, as she broke the cardinal rule of the ride and let go of the handles while riding. But she was not harmed and the watery fun continued.

Ceridwen's rule breaking was not the most detrimental seen that day in the park. A running teenage girl fell and smacked her head on the concrete and lay there lolling about in the water. We were on the lazy river ride and floated out of view as the paramedics were getting there. By the time we got back, she had been taken away, although apparently not on the back board, as the medic was putting it away. After this excitement, we went back to the van to get changed into dry clothes.

Our first roller coaster ride was the Flying Coaster. Riders climb up a small ladder to a padded platform with a chin rest. Then the whole thing is flipped so you're lying down on your stomach. It was ok, but a little shaky for Ceridwen's taste.

It wasn't until we got off the ride that we realized the true damage done. Keath had put the Blackberry and his cell phone into his pocket for safe keeping. Unfortunately, the Blackberry's screen shattered. It looked kind of cool, and the phone still worked, but there was no display. Luckily, Keath had been carrying an old relic and the extras lying around the Bala office are newer, so Keath will get a new toy next week when he's in the office. Yay for new electronic toys. Ceridwen sustained a bruise on her hip from where her chapstick dug into her. Sadly, she gets no new electronics for her injuries.

We rode several more roller coasters, but Ceridwen's stomach wasn't feeling too good. One backwards ride made her almost throw up, so after that we stuck to ferris wheels and swings. While waiting in line, we decided that tonight would be our last night in Denver, as we had begun to get a bit stir crazy.