Day 51

Friday, July 15, 2005Estes Park
Miles: 5613Up, up, up...
Today it was finally time to enter the land of the bubonic plague carrying chipmunks, the Rocky Mountains. Seriously, the small mammals carry the plague. Ew. Anyway, we headed off in that direction, hoping that the woman at the campground we had called hadn’t lied about their vacancy. Everywhere else in a twenty mile radius was full for the weekend, including the $20 in park spots without showers.

She had not lied and we did manage to find a spot amid the sea of RV’s. Luckily, it was off to the side and not so bad. We had taken some gorgeous pictures on our way to Estes Park, and now we were surrounded by mountains. We went back down into the little village of Estes Park, but by the time we got there, everything was closing up. It was mostly little touristy shops of the variety that is found in all little towns right outside popular parks and we decided we’d just go back and have some s’mores at the campsite.