Day 57

Thursday, July 21, 2005SLC
Miles: 6516Training for Torino
After a hearty breakfast at the campground restaurant, we headed out to Park City to check out the Olympic stuff. This was a lot more interesting than the Lake Placid site for a few reasons. For one, Utah has cooler scenery. For another, they have all sorts of thrill rides to partake in (ziplines, anyone?) and for another, we actually remember the 2002 Olympics, so the photos and the puppets from the opening ceremonies actually brought back memories. When we were in Lake Placid, we saw people practicing freestyle ski jumping. We thought they were really good, and they were. But they were not the US ski team, as we had sort of assumed. The US Ski team was practicing in SLC and they were amazing. What they were doing wasn’t even the same sport that we witnessed in NY. Later in the afternoon, the kids from the camps were jumping, and they were also very good, but obviously not as good as the US team. We saw people doing the Nordic jump too, on wet grass and nylon. They looked very hot in their ski suits, since they didn’t have the luxury of jumping into a pool.

The ziplines, particularly the big one, was very fun. But it could not compare to the crown jewel of the day, the bobsled ride. Sure, it’s an expensive minute, but oh, boy is it fun. We were put with a guy from a group that had an odd number of people, which was good, since the heavier you are, the faster you go. We were the first run of the day, and it was a blast. You reach about 70 miles an hour and 4 Gs. It was an amazing minutes. We thundered around corners, getting close to the top of the ramp. There really is no way to describe the giddy feeling of falling. We thought it would be similar to a roller coaster, but there’s nothing pulling you back up here, it’s all down and it’s amazing.

After the bobsled and a few more zipline rides, we called it a day and headed back into the city, where we checked out the very cool SLC library and had dinner.