Day 66

Saturday, July 30, 2005Ogden, UT
Miles: 6917Back to our real life!!
We woke up at 3:30 in order to get to our 6:30 flight out of Philly. This had seemed like a wonderful idea when we were making our travel arrangements, but after two hours of sleep, it really sucked. But we made it to the airport and subsequently to SLC on time. We picked up Vantom around noon and headed up to Antelope Island, a state park in the middle of the Salt Lake.

Our intention was to camp on Antelope Island. The woman at the gatehouse told us that there was no shade, but that was ok. We went and checked out the island a little first, driving to the visitor center. They had a bunch of information about the lake today and Lake Bonneville, which once covered a good chunk of Utah. Then we headed out to our campground. It was true, there was no shade, as this island is still part of a desert and all the plants are scrubby little things. We got out to set up the tent to take a nap, since our lack of sleep was catching up with us, and were instantly assaulted by bugs and odor. The smell wasn't as bad as the overwhelming stench that we experienced at our last trip to the Lake, but it was kind of gross. Worse were the bugs. They instantly swarmed us and would not go away. We decided that a hotel was in order so that we stopped feeling like we had lost half our brain cells. We drove to Ogden and checked into a Super 8 and went to sleep around 4 pm. We woke up at 6 am Sunday morning. Guess we needed the sleep.