Day 67

Sunday, July 31, 2005Kemmerer, WY
Miles: 7059Wahoo!

After some much needed catch up work on our blog (see, pretty), we headed out after our long sleep and drove through Utah. We took a swing through downtown Ogden first to see the sights, which mostly consisted of some lovely bronze statues of children at play. The view of the mountains was quite good, as the city is built as close to them as is architecturally possible.

As we meandered through southeastern Utah, we saw signs for a lake. It was quite hot and Ceridwen was feeling a little tired despite the crazy sleeping, so we stopped to go for a swim in Huntsville. This was nestled in the Cache Wasatch National Forest and part of the Ogden basin, basically a big valley between mountains. We saw much more of this deserty area as we drove. Oddly, not much of the visible bits appeared to be very forested.

Shortly after crossing into Wyoming, we stopped at Fossil Butte National Monument. This area had been dug out previously, and so unlike Mammoth and Dinosaur, no actual artifacts remained, save those in the visitors center. It was cool to see the perfectly preserved specimens there. Many fish were fossilized, often in entire schools. Mass fish deaths were apparently oddly common, though they don’t know why. The stench must have been fabulous.

We decided to spend the night in our first city campsite. Kemmerer, Wyoming has a little triangle of land between two roads that abuts the town offices. Rather than grow a garden there or just let it get grown over, they have made a campground. For five bucks, you too can set up your tent and utilize the pit toilets. We originally had our tent set up under a nice tree for shade, but quickly moved it when we realized they were Cottonwoods. We had learned at Dinosaur NM that the large branches of these trees can fall on tents. Eek. It was a cold night and Ceridwen ended up putting on many layers of clothing. During one session of layering, she caught a glimpse of a crescent moon giving off four rays of light. It was a pretty amazing sight, and for a moment she forgot she was cold. Then she put on her damn sweatshirt and snuggled into the downy goodness of the sleeping bag.