Day 72

Friday, August 5, 2005City of Rocks NR, ID
Miles: 7973City of ROCK!

Keath had to work today, so we basically stayed in the hotel. Ceridwen went swimming, though it was almost too hot to stay outside. After we got kicked out of our room, Keath worked in the lobby while Ceridwen went shopping for essentials. At Wal Mart, she learned an essential fact about Idaho: stuff is cheap. We could move here and live like kings. After Keath’s workday ended, the afternoon got very frustrating. Buying tickets for Ceridwen’s trip to Romania turned into a debacle and Keath had to keep turning the computer back on to do things he had forgotten about. What with one thing and another, we finally made it onto the road about 2 hours later than hoped and headed for the City of Rocks.

The cool campsite made up for the frustrating day and the long, dirty road we had to take to get there. The rock formations that make up the center of the park were truly cool, massive and inspring, and our campsite had a big, flat topped rock with a little hole in it for us to play on. We had dinner and then hung out on the rock, looking at the nine gazillion stars that were out. There were too many stars to really pick out constellations, but since we kind of suck at that anyway, it's not that hard for us to miss them. We even saw nine shooting stars, which is pretty good, considering it wasn’t the peak of the Perseids meteor shower. We finally climbed down off the rock and went to sleep, once again snuggling in for a cold night.