Day 75

Monday, August 8, 2005Baker City
Miles: 8647Indecision 2005
When the alarm went off at four am, we woke up and said, ‘Hey, it’s dark.’ Then Keath turned off his work alarm and we went back to sleep. When the real alarm went off at 6:30, we shut it off and went right back to sleep. We woke up around 8 am and had a bout of indecision. Should we go with our original plan and go to Halfway and get on a rafting trip through Hell’s Canyon, or should we head further north and go on a rafting trip through Hell’s Canyon. Ok, so it’s a pretty thin distinction, but the discussion allowed us to spend another half an hour lying in bed while it rained.

Having decided to stick to our original plan, we got rolling and headed for Halfway and Hell’s Canyon. We drove on all of central Idaho’s scenic byways, including the Sawtooth, the Ponderosa and the Payette River. The Ponderosa was cool, as it went through several canyons which were dotted with pine trees, as one might expect. Some areas had been hit by a wildfire, but it was still pretty amazing.

Around 3:30 we arrived in Hell’s Canyon, and thus arrived some more indecision. Should we sleep at the exceptionally hot campground at the bottom of the canyon, or should we go to the northern edge and camp, or perhaps we should stay at the B&B? We know you’re all in suspense, so we’ll just tell you that we decided to pass on the whitewater trips that didn’t start for four days and just head to the itty bitty town of Halfway. Halfway is best described as a one horse town. Once we got to Halfway, we stopped for some pizza and thought about stopping for the night too, but some creepy guys at the restaurant had been leering at Ceridwen and freaking her out with their combination of leachery and disdainfulness for outsiders, so we continued on to Baker City, where we settled into the Bridge Street Inn. An independent and clean motel, the Inn provided a nice respite from the heat.