Day 78

Thursday, August 11, 2005Seaquest SP, WA
Miles: 9156Health: Is grumpiness an illness?
Due to said sleepless night, Ceridwen was rather grumpy. We're not sure what Keath's problem was, but he was grumpy as well, and we pretty much grumped around the waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge. We stopped at Cascade Locks, but it was so freaking windy that we quickly abandoned our walk around the riverside park. Instead, we checked out almost all the waterfalls that the area had to offer. This satisfied even us, and we are big waterfall freaks.

After lunch we felt a little better, but we were plagued by indecision. We had reached Portland, where we had planned to spend a week, and were not overly fond of the traffic we found there. After several hours of debate and growing frustration, we finally decided to just head to the beach. Unfortunately, by the time we decided this, it was late and we were still quite far away. So instead we decided to head up towards Mt. St. Helens and go to that and Mt. Rainier the following day. We made it to Seaquest State Park in Washington right before they closed for the night and settled into our campsite for the.