Day 80

Saturday, August 13, 2005Seaside, OR
Miles: 9586No rooms from here to Tillamook
Since we hadn't slept much for the past few nights, we decided to have a bit of a lie in. We woke up fairly late and had a big breakfast and then headed to the ocean. We had planned on making reservations at some seaside campground, but by the time we finished our eggs and homefries, we really had no idea what we were doing and just drove. We took a ferry across the Columbia to get from WA to OR and then pretty much just headed west. We hit Astoria and were amazed to see that it was absolutely mobbed. Then we saw that they were having a regatta. We made it through the snarl of traffic and got to the KOA we had been aiming for. Unfortunately, they were full. Hm. This put a crimp in our plans. We had planned to have Keath work from there for the week, since even though we skipped Portland, Keath still had to maintain employment, or our tirp would get much shorter. Sincce it was only Saturday, we had some wiggle room and drove further down the coast to try to find somewhere to stay. A couple from British Columbia was doing the same thing, and we pretty much followed each other around and heard the same thing over and over again; no vacancy. We did find an open spot in a big field, but there was no fire rings or picnic tables and we really dislike the whole tent city thing, so we went back to the Motel 6, thinking that even if we couldn't camp, we could certainly find a hotel. Hah! Our last ditch effort was to ask at the Microtel. They had one room open, the emergency room, which was basically a closet with no windows and no shower. But, it was cheap and it was the very last place, camping or otherwise from Astoria to Tillmook, which is about 78 miles. We snagged it.

Once settled in, we headed to the beach. Because of our frantic search, this was the first time we had actually seen the Pacific this trip. Ceridwen, reunited with her ocean, was alarmed to feel just how very cold it was, and though she had hoped to go in, it did not happen. Instead, we went for a nice walk and watched the waves. After a stop at Taco Time for dinner, we went back to the hotel. We then spent the evening holed up in the lobby, watching the mist roll in and listening to Julie, the woman at the front desk, tell everyone that came in that there were some $250 rooms, but nothing else. She suggested that people head back east and come back in the morning, since on Sundays things were a little less crazy. We also learned, too late, that unlike beaches in Maine and New Jersey, the beaches we are most familiar with, the beach towns in Oregon don't care about people parking all night on their streets and we could have just slept on the side of the road. Live and learn. It was nice to have internet access and a bathroom. We did laundry late into the night and watched some Discovery Channel shows that we had already seen. Well, Keath actually remembered seeing them, while Ceridwen just thought they seemed oddly familier. Ceridwen thought this odd, until Keath noted that we had watched them last summer, while Ceridwen recovered from surgery. Hence the fuzzy recollection.