Day 82

Monday, August 15, 2005Cape Lookout SP, OR
Miles: 9751Damn fog
After waking, we jumped in the van, turned on the heat and drove south to enjoy the Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped at Ecola State Park and were happy to learn that our camping pass also served as a day use pass at other state parks. Hurray! Ecola State Park had some lovely overlooks from which to view some awesome sea stacks and the waves that crashed against them. We also made it down to a beach and Ceridwen decided that she really wanted a boogie board. Ceridwen had consumed way too much coffee (a monstrous 24 ounce cup) and was feeling kind of ill, jittery and exhausted at the same time. Wahoo! We stopped at several beaches along our way, but with no boogie board, we didn't spend long at many of them. We decided to just get to our campground and hang out there, giving us some better quality beach time.

We stopped for the night at Cape Lookout SP, a nice SP with a nice long beach. It was, of course, foggy. The main problem with Oregon beaches is that they are foggy, foggy, foggy. If it's not already foggy by around 2 or 3pm, the fog rolls in. There is just no sun until you head inland a bit, and then it's hot and sunny. But the cool fogginess isn't very conducive to swimming in excessively cold water. While at Cape Lookout, Ceridwen tried to go into the water but just couldn't work up to it. We saw no one, including children, enter the water past their knees. The water somehow managed to be colder than that in Maine. Yeoouw.

We braved the fog and hung out on the beach for the afternoon, reading and napping, though Ceridwen did both wrapped in a down sleeping bag. No one can ever say that Ceridwen is not a committed beachgoer. After dinner, we tried to get a boogie board, but sadly the one store in town that had one was closed by the time we got there. We drowned our sorrows in s'mores, which we made over our fire on the beach. We'd never had a fire on the beach before, and we had a jolly good time listening to the waves and keeping warm by the fire. We did have a little trouble finding the entrance back to the campground, but find it we did and we snuggled in for a nice sleep in the van.