Day 83

Tuesday, August 16, 2005North Bend, OR
Miles: 9933BOOGIE BOARD!!

When we woke up it was still cold and cloudy, surprise, surprise. We went to take showers but found that there was no hot water in the bathhouse in our loop, so Ceridwen went over to the D loop and found hot showers. When she got back to the campsite, all freshly scrubbed, she found Keath, who had taken a cold shower and was distraught to learn that hot showers had in fact been available. After a walk on the beach to get the blood flowing, we continued our way southward. En route, Keath got a work phone call and we had to pull over, but luckily we were by a farmers' market, so we stopped and Ceridwen shopped for fresh produce while Keath worked. Back on our way, we came to a screeching halt at the first surf shop we encountered and went in to buy a damn boogie board. Thus equipped, we continued on to the nearest beach.

Ceridwen suited up in her wetsuit and hit the waves. The water was so very cold that she had a hard time getting in, but she did and had a jolly good time riding the waves. Until she stumbled getting up and realized she couldn't actually feel her legs and had a bit of trouble getting them to work. So she rode one more wave for the road and went to shore, where Keath had to help her get out of the wetsuit. After drying and warming, we headed on our way. After several miles, Ceridwen became aware of her legs again. Yay! Along the way we stopped at several wonderful overlooks and marvelled at the appearance of the sun.

In Florence, OR, we stopped to view some sea lions at the Sea Lion Caves. We saw them resting outside on some rocks in a big old sealiony pile, then took an elevator down 200 feet to view them in a cave. Apparently, the cave is a lot more interesting during mating season, since the sea lions are more, uh, active. And apparently vocal. They were just sort of lounging on a rock when we were there. Oh well. They were still neat and they were making the occasional grunt. We finished our trip and arrived at the Oregon Dunes KOA in North Bend, OR.