Day 84

Wednesday, August 17, 2005North Bend, OR
Miles: 9933Dune buggies
Last night we discovered that the memory for Keath's computer had in fact been sent up to Astoria, then taken back, as they realized it was supposed to go somewhere else, and then got shipped back to Dell. The earliest we could expect it was Thursday. So we decided to go dune buggying instead. The Oregon Dunes are just what you would expect, given their names. They're a collection of sand dunes that run along the coast, and they are heaven on earth for ATVers.

Since we didn't think our first ever experience on an ATV should be on such big dunes, we decided to rent a little two person dune buggy instead. It has 4 point harnesses and a roll cage. Aren't we the safety minded bunch. We rented our dune buggy and were lead out to the dunes by an employee and let loose. We tried to roar up the nearest dune a couple of times, but Keath couldn't seem to get our ornery buggy up the hill. We assumed that the dunes were just too much for our poor little thing to handle, as it was mostly the beefier ATVs that were going up the dunes. So we headed down the sand road to the beach, bumping along and having a grand old time.

We were only allowed to be on the beach for 5 minutes one way, so Keath drove really fast for five minutes, and then we turned around and Ceridwen drove for REALLY fast for about 3 1/2. She was laughing hysterically most of the way because of the bumping and jostling. She drove back down the sand road and then we once again switched drivers.

We had another go at the dunes, only this time Keath depressed the gas pedal all the way. Apparently he had wussed out the first few times, thinking he would be going too fast when we got to the top of the dune, but that was not the case. Once we got the hang of it, we had a ball going up over the dunes and across the tops until our hour was up and we had to go return our buggy.

After our ride, we were quite hungry and had a hankering for bagels. We went to the Information Center to ask where we could get some good bagels. The woman there told us that the very bestest bagels in the area were available a short drive away, in Coos Bay. We made it there a short time later, anticipating yummy bagel goodness. What we got was some very nice artisinal bread in a round shape with a hole, but they were not bagels. Can you only get bagels on the East Coast? What's the deal here? We haven't even seen any chain bagel places since Missouri. Anyone have a clue where we can get a good bagel out here? We're hoping San Francisco will be good for our bagely needs.

Anyway, enough of that tangent. We drove to Horsfall Beach, one of the only ones in the area where ATVers and swimmers both have access and are separated. Ceridwen boogie boarded for a good long time, this time wearing Keath's long limbed wetsuit instead of her shortie. When we got back to the site, we were accosted by the girl at the desk. DHL had delivered Keath's memory! Yay!

After memory installation and dinner cooking in the Kamping Kitchen with a huge, friendly group of Mennonites ( we think. The women were all wearing skirts, anyway.) we played bingo for candy. Keath won a round, though Ceridwen continued a life long tradition of bingo losing. Keath shared his candy though, which was very nice of him, don't you think?