Day 85

Thursday, August 18, 2005North Bend, OR
Miles: 9933Happy Anniversary, M+D Lewis!

Today we discovered that ATVers do not rise early. We've gotten used to folks in campgrounds getting up mighty early and even leaving around when we get up. But here, people roll out of bed around 9 and start working on their ATVs, mostly hungover. It's very funny. There's also a bird here that sounds like the whistle on the Cap'n Crunch commercials. Sort of surreal.

Keath worked in the Kamping Kitchen and Ceridwen went to the Wal Mart to buy a large quantity of stuff that we had run out of. When Keath was done working, we went to the beach so Ceridwen could boogie board. The surf was wild and crazy and eventually became dangerous, so we gave up that activity.

We drove to Charleston, OR, weren't impressed, and came back to Staples to buy a replacement computer for Ceridwen. Hers had stopped wanting to connect to the internet and was just generally gimpy since it was six years old. But the new one is exciting and pretty and has a wide screen. Oooh, pretty. Keath's jealous. Heh heh. After our purchase, we went back and had dinner at the site and ate s'mores before going to bed.