Day 86

Friday, August 19, 2005North Bend, OR
Miles: 9933Crazy Mennonites

This morning, Keath worked and chatted with the suspected Mennonites. He learned their names and professions and tried to sort out the three different couples. Every meal they were feeding 17 people, so it was obviously quite a chaotic event. But they were having a great time, and they were good parents and they had good senses of humor. Keath taught them how to say Ceridwen's name, but wisely discouraged them from rushing up to her and saying hello, at least before she'd had her coffee. Religious persons would probably be alarmed by a pre-coffee Ceridwen who's being socially accosted.

Ceridwen spent most of the day setting up her new computer.

She was sure to install Quicktime so she could watch her Social D videos and also managed to get all pertinent info off her old computer. Friday is another Bingo day at KOA, so we played, and yet again, Keath won a game and Ceridwen won none, but Keath shared.