Day 89

Monday, August 22, 2005Gold Beach, OR
Miles: 10689Welcome to the world, Amelia!

We woke up today and took our first look at the park. Having come in late at night, we hadn't been able to see the fine amenities. Turtle Rock RV Resort is just a short walk from the beach and is nice and quiet. Very few families with screaming, bratty children choose to stay here, for which we are grateful. The bathrooms have dual shower heads, which is very refreshing after nearly 3 months of somewhat spotty shower taking. Our day was not very exciting. The real excitement was happening 3000 miles away in the greater Atlanta Metro region, where our niece Amelia Jane Lewis was busy being born. Her mom was quite busy as well. As was her dad. Her sister, Abby, was probably busy playing with her Oma. At any rate, Amelia made it into the world and is as cute as a button.

Ceridwen spent much of the day at the beach while Keath worked, and then when he was done, we went back together and took a long walk on the very windy beach. It was so windy we had a hard time making it back, but make it back we did.