Day 91

Wednesday, August 24, 2005Gold Beach, OR
Miles: 10689Oh woe is us

Just another day at the beach. Keath worked. Ceridwen wandered around the beach for a while. When work was over, Keath joined her. Ceridwen went buggy boarding in the wild Oregon surf. It was decidedly southerly dragging and Keath spent a good deal of time setting out stuff down, sitting down to watch his wife, looking up, picking up all our stuff again, and hiking further down the beach. Thus, he and the camera never really caught up long enough to go clickiddy clickiddy before she was done taking physical abuse from her good friend the Pacific. So we hung out on the beach near our new fine flippered friend. The wind blew dry Ceridwen's hair quite nicely.

We watched the sun set. We went to sleep rather early. We didn't do laundry. That might not have been the brightest move.