Day 93

Friday, August 26, 2005Gold Beach, OR
Miles: 10689Rock Battle!!!

As you can tell by recent entries, we were dying of boredom on the seaside in beautiful Gold Beach, Oregon and just needed to get away to see some big city excitement. Oh, it was terrible, the way that ocean lapped up on the sandy shores and spat it's cool mist at us. Truly terrible.

So we headed up the highway to beautiful Port Orford! We got to see the stretch of highway that we missed out on during our late night arrival in Gold Beach on Sunday. Port Orford itself, was fairly boring, but it did have a nice beach at Battle Rock Park. Battle Rock was the site of the historic battle between the first landing party of white settlers (Captain Tichenor's crew of nine men) and a local Qua-to-mah band of Athapascan speaking natives. The event of June 9, 1851 was the beginning of the settling of Port Orford. Then, 86 years later, a surprise storm drove the Cottoneva aground. Exciting.

Aside from it's curious tidbits of weird historical moments, Battle Rock also has a beautiful beach with some awesome waves and beautiful sea stacks and rock formations. The waves are apparently surfer friendly, as a couple was just finishing up as we arrived, but it was kind of late in the day to be duding up for a fresh run. We wandered the beach for a bit, wandering in and out of the rocks. It was nice.

We took a quick spin around Port Orford, found the port of Port Orford, a nice lookout, and then sauntered on down the highway back to Gold Beach. We stopped at a big ol' independent bookstore in Gold Beach that apparently bought and sold books, so we brought in some of the paperbacks we were done with only to learn that they need the manager to appraise each book and could give us a call some time next week with a price. So . . . we figured we'd hang on to them until we hit another book swap shelf. We did, however, pick up a new book trivia board game that looked kind of fun. We shall see.