Day 96

Monday, August 29, 2005Petaluma, CA
Miles: 11294Are You going to San Francisco?

We continued our way south on the Pacific Coast Highway, which, around this point, became California Route 1. We noticed that leaves are starting to turn for the fall, which made us think of home. But then the beautiful ocean views called our attention back. We stopped at overlooks and beaches along the way, watching the waves splashing up on the rocks, sparkling blue.

We saw some signs for the Point Arena lighthouse. It was a nice lighthouse, but they wanted a whole lot of money to see it up close. So we, along with most other travellers, took some pictures from afar. We had a little break for lunch by the oceanside and then continued on down the road.

Ceridwen wasn't feeling that well, we didn't do anything too exciting, but we stopped at one more ledge to get a good view of the ocean before finishing the drive to Petaluma. We went for a constitutional along a cliff at Stump Beach, where it was very windy, but this made for good waves and great splooshes on the rocks. We sat (well, Keath sat, Ceridwen stood in spite of the wind) for a long while just taking in the natural beauty of the rather secluded area. It was very cool.

When we checked in to our KOA and got settled we noticed that California must have some strange law about labeling its restrooms. We had initially thought it was just a state park thing, but the KOA is a private business and Keath was fairly certain he'd seen some roadside cafes and such with the same symbols. No, no, not the little stick figure man and woman. What California has is big blue circles (with the skirted stick figure) for the ladies rooms. And of course the requisite big blue triangle (with the skirtless stick figure) for the mens rooms. Here and there, where there is a unisex restroom, we of course place the triangle inside the circle. There's still morse code for the blind. There's still the embossed stick figures for illiterate. Why, oh why, do we need big suggestive geometry? We will research this topic and get back to you.

That is all.