Day 98

Wednesday, August 31, 2005San Bruno, CA
Miles: 11422Pack it up, Pack it in

We were far less active today. Keath worked while Ceridwen slept as late as her body would let her. (It's the first time we've had a real bed in a while.) When everyone was awake and done working for the day, we took the BART in to downtown San Francisco to check out the scene. Without a plan, this was not very productive. We decided to head to what was - as best we could tell - the only Indian restaraunt in the San Francisco metropolitan area for an early dinner. It was in the southwest of the Union Square district, a nice walk from where we got off the BART (Embarcadero). They were open when we got there, since they also have a bar, but they din't start serving dinner until 5:30.

Rather than sit around for over an hour, we headed back out to San Bruno, picked up some protein bars for Ceridwen to take with her, and packed up our bags while we ate dinner in the room. (It had taken a while to figure out, but it was definately not cost effective for Keath to park in the city, so he too had to pack a bag for the week while Vantom was staying at a San Francisco Airport lot.)

And that was our day.