Day 105

Wednesday, September 7, 2005San Francisco, CA
Miles: 11437One more day . . .

Most of the people Keath had gotten to know at the hostel had left last night or earlier today, so there was much less idle chit chat. He followed up with Aaron, who had started his first day at AmerCorps the day before and was worried he wouldn't qualify for food stamps. (Chicago considers AmeriCorp's living stipend to be a salary, but apparently they're not supposed to!) Things went pretty well and he will find out how much he qualified for soon. Keath and Aaron also spoke with the Indian family that has been living there for a while about what it is like to be a vegetarian in America. We tried to convince them that we're not as rare as they thought, but they still thought we were pretty odd. Robbie and Barbie (the kids' Americanized nicknames) are very curious and friendly kids, although they can tend to be a bit loud when people are trying to read or watch TV in the common room. Although, in all fairness, they are about 10 years old and living in a hostel - don't think Keath could have pulled that off at 10!

Meanwhile . . .

Wednesday, September 7, 2005Busteni, Romania
Miles: 17885Leavin' Busteni

Scheduled: "Bucharest, tour of Village Museum, Peasants Museum etc. Cultural Center: press conference about the program about invited writers, about the results and the benefits of the program for Romania and for the participants at the program followed by a reception."

Reality: Chaos. Disorder. Mutiny. Confrontation. Flee!