Day 108

Saturday, September 10, 2005location
Miles: 11540Worst Hostel, Ever

Since Mount Diablo was too far away from the city for us to do much, so we headed back down into SF today and took up residence at the Fisherman's Wharf Hostel. It seemed ok, if a bit pricy for a few dorm beds. (A private room for two would actually have cost more than many hotels near the airport!)

We wandered around Fisherman's Wharf and gazed out at the harbor. All in all, SF is a very scenic city. Except for the on street urination, of course. The Michael Franti Power to the Peaceful festival was today, down in Golden Gate Park, but we opted for the chocolate festival in Ghirardelli Square instead, given Ceridwen still not quite being ready to deal with people or large expanses of open space. The chocolate festival, however, was definately not our thing. You basically pay for some tickets and then stand around in a crowded little atrium waiting in lines for samples of chocolates and breads and other foodstuffs. It all looked yummy, but standing in line was not what we had in mind for the day, so off we went.

We wandered the streets a bit, checked out the sea lions, and decided we ought to see Alcatraz Island. Everything was sold for the day, so we scheduled ourself a trip for tomorrow (OMG! Planning in advance?!), saw some more of the city, and returned to the Worst Hostel Ever.