Day 109

Sunday, September 11, 2005South San Francisco, CA
Miles: 11573Health: Still so very jet lagged

We started our day by checking out of the Worst Hostel Ever a day earlier than planned. Ceridwen had not slept well at all in the tiny second story bunk bed and was not looking forward to another night of it. SF, we decided, would just get one day of us. Our desire to leave was only strengthened by our experiences with the staff. Here's a little tip for all you hipsters out there: all the body piercings, tattoos and thrift shop clothes in the world won't make you progressive if your soul is still fascist. The coffee shop Ceucescu (how did I get back to Eastern Europe?) watched everyone like a hawk to make sure they didn't a. have a juice glass that was too large, b. get a refill of coffee, c. take more than their allotted 1 package of the people's cream cheese, or d. try to exercise their right to not be yelled at by a scrawny guy with a tribal tatoo at 7 am. Uck. The bedredlocked girl at the front counter was no better. She scowled and generally acted like a fat old woman at the DMV while checking us out. All this trauma led to us using the word 'comrade' more than is advisable. Anyway, on to the fun part of the day...

We took a trolley car up the street, only to be stopped cold by the maintence crews. Not wanting to sit there forever, we hopped off the trolley and headed to the transfer point on foot, hoping to get on the line that would take us to Coit Tower. Due to our early departure from the People's Hostel, we would be cramming a lot into one day. We had purchased tickets to Alcatraz the previous day, and had to get to Coit Tower at 10 when they opened in order to make it to the boat on time. Once we got to the transfer point, we saw that the maintenence guys had switched to the other side of the tracks, namely the ones we wanted to be on. So we walked, up, up, up the hills and made it to Coit Tower with 10 minutes to spare. We took the elevator up and looked at some pretty views of the city. People have been dropping various coins out of the windows of Coit Tower for some time, and Ceridwen wanted to drop some Romanian Lei out, but thought she might only have one coin left. Since she didn't really buy any souveniers, she wanted to hold onto her coins, so there was no lei added to the money collection.

We made the trip from Coit Tower to the wharf in record time and enjoyed some french fries before getting on our Alcatraz boat. The boat smelled like pigeon poo. Yum. Once on the island, we took the audio tour and wandered around looking at cells. Ceridwen had taken this tour before, but still liked listening to the stories. After our tour, we got back on the boat to head back to the mainland. We watched some street performers, including some break dancers, before heading back to the van.

It started to get foggy, so we drove around to see views, of course. We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands and looked back at the city, which by this time was all but gone behind the fog. Ah well. We headed back to the airport area to spend the night.