Day 110

Monday, September 12, 2005Yosemite NP, California
Miles: 11812Health: Here Today...

Keath spent the day working in the relative comfort of the airport hotel, and we headed out after checkout time. Our goal was Yosemite, and after we left the urban area surrounding San Francisco, we were in a land of hills covered in sunbaked grass and huge white windmills. We stopped in a strip mall oasis to get Ceridwen's Romania photos developed, buy some shoes and get a haircut. The photos and Ceridwen's haircut were successful, while the shoe buying and cell phone battery replacing were not. We headed back on the road. While trying to pay for gas 25 miles down the road, we discovered that Keath had left his credit card back at the Wal-Mart photo desk. Oops.
We continued our drive through groves of almond trees and trucks filled with tomatoes. Yummy. We arrived in Yosemite too late to really do anything but set up camp and have some marshmallows. We may have had some wine, but come on folks, four months have passed. Who's going to remember?