Day 112

Wednesday, September 14, 2005Reedley, CA
Mile 12116Health: It's tomorrow :(

It was all going so beautifully, 'til Ceridwen wound up in the hospital...

We awoke and drove SE, heading for King's Canyon and Grand Sequoia National Parks. We went to a fruit stand along the way to buy some peaches and grapes, then continued on our way. After arriving in King's Canyon NP, we checked into our campsite and started out on the 30 mile scenic drive. It was a beautiful landscape, though not as breathtaking as Yosemite. We stopped at several scenic outlooks. At one, about 20 miles from the ranger station, we noticed some bugs buzzing around and Ceridwen carefully avoided them, thinking they might be bees. Getting back into the van, Ceridwen felt a sharp pinch in her arm and flung the offending insect away with a yelp and a swear. Keath hunted the insect down, found a squished bee and Ceridwen used her Epi-Pen.

Since the Epi-Pen is only supposed to be a first line measure, we drove back to the ranger station, stopping for some ice for Ceridwen's arm on the way. The park medic came and checked out Ceridwen's vitals, which appeared fine, but the ER doctor that the medic called said it would best if Ceridwen were taken to a hospital. In an ambulance or two. So, that's what happened. After getting hooked up to both oxygen and IV, Ceridwen enjoyed a trip down to the town of Reedley in first a park ambulance, then a town ambulance that met us halfway. Keath followed in Vantom and we wound up spending the remainder of the afternoon in the hospital and the evening in a hotel in town. Fun times.