Day 114

Friday, September 16, 2005San Simean State Park, CA
Mile 12412No Beach for You!

Now that it's fall, everything is changing. There are fewer people everywhere, and everything seems a bit slower. It's nice, but a bit sad as well. It is nice to know that everyone else is going back to their regular lives while we're still driving around on an extended vacation. Heh heh.

We drove down the coast, stopping frequently to admire the ocean on one side and the cliffs on the other. As we drove, we passed many dirt roads that led further down the cliffs, but they were both inaccessible and privately owned. Damn California, letting people own the coast line. Grrr. We stopped in San Simeon for lunch and a look at the Hearst Castle, but instead decided to stay the night and go to the castle the next day.

We got a super nice campsite that overlooked the water and after some beach wandering, we ended the evening by having some wine and watching the sunset from a field of grass. Pretty. Then Ceridwen burned our extra dowel. Why do we have an extra dowel? you ask. Good question. Ceridwen didn't know either, so she played pyro with it.