Day 115

Saturday, September 17, 2005San Buenoventura, CA
Miles: 12616Southward to adventure!

Today we woke with a new sense of adventure that had been lackig for the last week or so. This we attributed to overstimulation of the siteseeing glands, but a day or so of driving aimlessly had cured us. Hallelujah! We awoke at sunrise oddly pumped and ready to start the day. Sadly, we had to start it with Instant Breakfast consumed while driving, since the stench of the campground toilets did little to entice us to cook.

We showed up at Hearst Castle, ready for the first tour of the day. Of course, we then had to wait for the actual tour to start, but we had to get tickets early. The tour was really amazing, as was the house. William Randolph Hearst had some odd thoughts and way too much money. Guest houses abounded and there were strict no extra marital nookie policies for guests. Hearst was married for 40 years and had a mistress for 30 years, which makes him the biggest hypocrite in the world, but when you have that much money, I guess you can tell people what to do.

After leaving the castle, we drove South, stopping often to check out various views and beaches. We saw our first California surfers, marking our entrance into SoCal. Just as we were beginning to wonder if we had in fact crossed the boundary, a low rider truck with SoCal written in big, gothic letters passed us. Sweet.

We stopped for the night at a campground in San Buenaventura, or Ventura as the less romanically inclined call it. Our original intent was to stay for free at an en route campground. We had no idea what this meant until we pulled up. It means you pull over on the side of the road. And that you need your own potty. Hmm. No. Instead, we went to the private place down the road. A bit expensive, but they had potties. And showers. Woohoo! We collected some bamboo from the beach and made a crazy hot fire.