Day 116

Sunday, September 18, 2005Ventura, CA
Miles: 12616A very SoCal morning

To start our SoCal morning, we jumped into our wetsuits and went boogie boarding in the early morning mist. Songs with a vaguely Californian theme ran through our heads and the waves were awesome. The waves were huge and a few of them were almost alarmingly fast, but we had a great time and decided we could get used to this. People wandered everywhere in wetsuits.

We went back to the campsite and had breakfast, then jumped in the hot tub. Ah. Sadly, the showers were cold, since the rest of the campers had used up the hot water earlier in the day, but that's ok. We rented a weird, two person bike thing and rode it to the pier. Where they were having a big festival, which was a tiny bit stressful to ride through, but Keath drove with great aplomb, avoiding clueless tourists adeptly.

We at lunch at the end of the pier, then rode back to the campground. We watched the surfing competion from our bike on the way back and again avoided any collisions. When we arrived back to the campsite, we decided to stay a second day. The campground was deserted, as a large group staying for the weekend had departed earlier in the day.