Day 118

Tuesday, September 20, 2005Carlsbad, CA

After breakfast at Ana's, we headed a little East to go to the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, where we saw animals we didn't know existed. There was a nice train ride through the whole park that allowed us to see the big animals who need room to roam, and the guided path through the park let us see some smaller animals up close. Sadly, we saw no cheetahs. Apparently they were hiding.

After our trip through the park, we sat in the hot and sticky parking lot trying to figure out what to do for the week. We had planned on spending the whole week in San Diego at a campground, but Ana had told us that the neighborhood was a bit shady, so we decided to change our plans a bit and stop in Carlsbad instead, espcecially as we'd already discovered that big cities are not a good fit for this trip, since they're expensive and not terribly interesting to us.