Day 121

Friday, September 23, 2005Joshua Tree NP, CA
Miles: 13144I have kissed honey lips.

Note to selves: Vannywantoms does not enjoy it when you plug your laptop into him over night. It makes him go all wonky and not start. For this reason, Keath spent the day sitting outside the bathrooms working, using the building's electricity. Ceridwen went boogie boarding and nearly died in the undertow. A great day all around. We thought that when we checked out and headed on our way, things would get better. Then we stopped to get the oil changed by the most loquacious oil change guy ever. Argh. Vantom's needs taken care of, we headed on our way to Joshua Tree, NP, a route that largely went through wind farms.

We arrived in Joshua Tree, and marveled at the cool silhouettes cast by the eponymous trees. Pretty. And photo-alicious. We checked into the Hidden Valley Campground, which did not have any ranch dressing, but did have a coyote wandering about. Eek. We sat around and stared at the stars for quite awhile, since it was the first time in a few weeks that we'd been able to see them. The wind sounded almost like the ocean and the neighboring campsite's fire lit up the huge rock formations surrounding us. All in all, a happy return to nature.