Day 122

Saturday, September 24, 2005Joshua Tree NP
Miles: 13144Health: Ouchie in the tummy

Somehow it's easier to wake up early in the desert than anywhere else. Even Ceridwen, who is not a morning person in any way, got up around sunrise. Maybe it's the threat of horrible heat later in the day that motivates a person to get up and about. And the sunrise is damn beautiful, too, the pinks and blues starkly beautiful over the rocks. We hiked into the Hidden Valley, a microsystem of plants that don't survie anywhere else in the desert. In a valley of rocks, plants are protected from the sun and wind and can hold onto water better.

We drove around the rest of the park, taking in the view from a high lookout. Signal Mountain, about 95 miles south and in Mexico, was visible, since it was a relativey clear day. After finishing our tour of the park, we drove into town and watched Corpse Bride, which was good but kind of forgettable.