Day 123

Sunday, September 25, 2005Lake Havasu City, AZ
Miles: 13454London Bridge is... in the desert

"Visit Oregon and Switzerland." This is the most interesting piece of bathroom (or pit toilet) grafitti we've seen. There were even crude maps scratched into the paint. Why would anyone be so keen on us visiting Switzerland (we've already visited Oregon)? It boggles the mind.

Today was a record breaker, as the Lewin family got on the road in 1/2 hour. Wahoo! We drove through endless desert with no other cars. It was like, well, a car commercial. Sweet.

We arrived at the beautiful Arizona Coast (the Colorado River, actually) in the afternoon and were a little alarmed to see the beachy atmosphere in the desert. More odd was the London Bridge, spanning a small stretch of water and bringing tourists to the manmade island filled with tourist traps. Clever. We've known for a long time that London Bridge was in AZ, but that fact doesn't prepare you for how very odd it is to see all that old stone in blazing sunlight. We checked into a hotel room and slept away the 100 degree plus afternoon.