Day 124

Monday, September 26, 2005Flagstaff, AZ
Miles: 13672Getting Close to The End

Before setting off today, we learned a very valuable lesson about Lake Havasu City, Arizona. They have real bagels. We've been craving bagels since The Great Bagel Shaped Artisan Bread Debacle of Southern Oregon. Real tea. Real bagels. All is right with the world. Yum.

For months, when describing to people our route, it has always ended with "and then we do this spiral thing around the southwest." (This is usually accompanied by a vague hand gesture of said spiral thing.) In our minds, the spiral starts at Flagstaff, Arizona, loops through Phoenix and points south, up through New Mexico, in to southern Colorado, across to Utah, down through the Grand Staircase back in to Arizona, then a little zip off to end in Las Vegas, NV, just 250 miles from the starting point of Flagstaff.

For some reason Lake Havasu City didn't seem like Arizona yet. Perhaps it was the "Arizona Coast" of the Colorado River. Perhaps it was the surreal California-esque tourist feeling of London Bridge. Perhaps we just hadn't looked at our itinerary in a few days. Whatever it was, today consisted mostly of driving up to, then across, the infamous Interstate 40. We are fairly certain this is the first time we've been on I-40 since the start of our trip, and of course we couldn't help but make frequent references to the Deadbolt song Roadside Cross. (If you've never heard Deadbolt, they've got some samples on their site, or you can just buy a copy of their CD from Amazon. You'll thank us. Unfortunately, no free samples of Roadside Cross. But we digress.)

The road to Flagstaff was mostly uneventful desert. There were some cool rock formations; mostly piles of boulder with capstones and assorted scrubbrush. There was also some exciting inexplicable roadside whatnot, but, well, they were inexplicable.

The KOA in Flagstaff was repaving, which is a good thing, but not good for people who are still not feeling too good in all the heat. Even on the outskirts of the area they were working on the fumes were still a bit much. So we headed on down the road and found another campground which seemed okay but was a bit sketchy. (In short, the owners are insane, but their daughter is very friendly and competant. They should let her take over.) But, we have a place to sleep, cook, and work, and are ready for whatever Flagstaff has to offer!