Day 126

Wednesday, September 28, 2005Flagstaff, AZ
Miles: 13672Which came first: the planet or the dog?

Today was a boring day for you blog readers out there. Unless you enjoy reading about cold people drinking hot cocoa, doing laundry an going to multiple post offices. In which case, we have this to say to you: Get a life!!

Our afternoon and evening were much more interesting. We went to the Lowell Observatory to buy tickets for the evening telescope viewing, and ended up staying and taking a daytime tour of the property. LO sits up on top of a mountain right outside of Flagstaff. While Flagstaff is the first Dark Sky City, the lights still cause too much interference for real research to be done, so the facility is now used to raise money and educate the public.

The tour was awesome and informative. The highlights were the telescope that was used to discover Pluto and the one used to help discover/explain the red shift. It was amazing that all the things that are now done with computers, were once done with clocks.

After having dinner, we drove back up to the observatory to actually do some observation. We saw many star clusters, a nebula and a ring. All very cool, and some of the local amateur astronomers share their telescopes with the public. We stayed for the "Tonight's Sky" presentation and tried once again to learn where the constellations are.